What is a Thermographic Home Inspection?

When you are selecting a Home Inspector in Ottawa, its important to identify a home inspection company like Double Check Inspections Inc that uses the latest technology in their work. In addition to electrical circuit analyzers, digital cameras, fuel gas analyzers and digital moisture meters, we also use thermography technology in all our home inspections in Ottawa.

What is Thermography?

Thermography is a non-invasive, new technology that utilizes an infrared camera to detect concerns that may otherwise be completely invisible to the naked eye. In a number of instances, this camera is able to quickly and easily pinpoint where all the problem areas are. When you are considering buying a home, its best not to play a guessing game or even keep wondering whether you have missed anything.

Imagine having to deal with repairs or upgrades that can cost you thousands of dollars, only because the faults or issues werent noticed when you were buying the home. Apart from this, a thermography assessment can also be used to up the energy-efficiency levels of your home; very simply, it will help you keep more dollars in your pocket!!

Thermography- How Does it Work?

These cameras are able to detect the differences in the temperatures of electrical equipment and various building surfaces. They are able to pick up moisture & heat-related temperature variations, by scanning the exterior and interior surfaces of a home. When any difference in temperature is noticed, it is an indication that there could be something wrong and that it needs to be attended to.

Thermographic cameras arent able to see through ceilings or walls; instead you are able to see colour images on their screens, based on the different surface temperatures. On the camera screen, cool surfaces show up as darker colours while the warm surfaces will show up as brighter ones.

Where Can Thermography be Used?

All of our Home Inspectors in Ottawa are qualified and trained to know which images are normal and which will require further investigation. Thermographic inspection can identify:

Another significant benefit of using this technology in home inspections is that the inspector is able to view areas that may not otherwise be easily accessible. At Double Check Inspections Inc, we make it a point to be in-sync with the times and use thermography in all of our home inspections. For more information, call us at 613-322-3682 or contact us via this online form.




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