Top Tips for Buying an Older Home in Ottawa

Homebuyers are attracted to older homes because of their timeless design appeal. Theres a different charm to older homes, a genuine and honest air about them that many like. However, most home inspection professionals will caution you and ask you to consider the decision carefully. We at Double Check Inspections believe that you should consider the following points before making a decision.

Consider Your Finances and Future Plans

Many older homes come with their own set of problems, even if theyre excellently maintained. According to home inspectors in Ottawa, you can expect heavy repairs and frequent upgrades for several years to come. The foundation and the main support beam of old homes is the primary cause for concern.

In old homes, foundations are susceptible to sulphates in the soil. That can compromise the concrete. Moreover, the main beam can start to sink because of this as well. Repairs can cost upwards of $60,000.home inspector ottawa older home in ottawa

Hire a Home Inspector

If you plan to purchase an old home, you might want to consider hiring a home inspector in Ottawa. Hell be able to examine the home from top to bottom, listing down all potential repairs and upgrades that might be needed in the future. He will point out which repairs should be done immediately and which can wait for a few years.

With a thorough home inspection, youll be forewarned about any problems that could occur in the future.

Consider Health and Safety

Older homes arent made in compliance with modern safety and health standards. For example, the walls on these homes might have lead based paint, which was used until the 1950s. Theres also the problem of asbestos, which was also used until 1970s and can lead to lung diseases. You also need to consider the electrical wiring. If your home was built in 1960s or 70s, it might have utilized aluminum wires, which are a fire hazard.

The home inspection reports would specify whether the property is painted with lead based paint, has asbestos, or aluminum wires.

Before signing the property deed, make sure that youre ready to handle all the problems and responsibilities that come with owning an old home.

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