The Top 3 Biggest Home Inspection Mistakes

Every smart home buyer knows the importance of home inspections. Its one of the best ways to ensure that your investment is sound. Unfortunately, people often make these mistakes with regards to inspections and as a result, their investment isnt fully protected. At Double Check Inspections, we always advise our clients to take particular care with regards to the following points:

#1.Choosing an Inspector

When you purchase a home, youre spending a considerable amount of money. Understandably, youre very hesitant to spend more. But its not wise to cut corners when you choose a home inspector. Its a good idea to disregard their charges entirely at first, and focus on the qualifications and experience of the home inspector.

You need to shortlist the best inspectors you can find and then look at the rates they charge. This will ensure that you pick the right home inspector. A faulty inspection can compromise your investment and cost you a lot of expenses down the line.

#2. Being Absent from the Inspection

If you pick a good home inspector, its likely that theyll insist on your presence. Most people assume that reading a written report is enough and they dont need to be physically present during the inspection. More often than not, a written report can be misleading. You might assume that a minor problem is a big deal, and a serious issue is nothing to worry about.

If youre present during the inspection, the inspector will communicate with you and explain the issues to you. They can also answer any questions you might have regarding the houses condition.

#3. Not Following Up

One of the worst things you can do is not heeding the home inspectors advice. For example, if your inspector suggested that a particular problem needs to be repaired, its a good idea to investigate it. Sometimes, buyers will wait until after the closing to take any action. Thats a mistake because you might be told later that the repair would be expensive. Its better to get several quotes for the repairs before closing.

Inspection is vital for every property, whether its an old house or a newly constructed one. Keep these mistakes in mind when you hire an inspector to assess your next potential home.

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