Should we Get Our Home Inspected Before Putting it up for Sale?

Typically, when a serious prospective buyer considers buying a home, they will get it formally inspected. The objective of this inspection is to unravel any potential problems well in advance, before they sign on the dotted line; this is when they have the time to actually negotiate the price with the seller.Should we Get Our Home Inspected Before Putting it up for Sale

However, many sellers are also now getting pre-inspections done before listing them as For Sale properties. So, is this really necessary and how does it benefit the seller? Take a look at the key reasons why its a good idea to get your home inspected before putting it up for sale:

  • It shows that you are transparent in your dealings, as a pre-inspection is essentially a goodwill gesture. It tells the buyers that you are very upfront about the condition of your home, and this instills confidence in their minds. It also sets you apart from other property owners who are selling their properties.
  • When you choose to get a pre-inspection done, it gives you a clear idea of any problems which any potential buyer will want fixed. Once you are aware of what the problem is, you get the chance to have all those problems fixed well before you list your home on the market. The more problem-free, clean and well-maintained your home is, the faster it will sell.
  • When you get a pre-inspection done, buyers know what they are getting, right from the outset; and they are able to factor in any of the required repairs into the offer they make.
  • One more important fact is that when you proactively disclose all the known issues, you also protect yourself against any claims the buyer might make in the future; at times these can lead to lawsuits and getting a pre-inspection done is a good way of covering your bases.
  • Its an excellent way of highlighting your propertys assets and selling points such as any upgrades you have made; these can be spotlighted in an effective manner.

Other Consequences

If you choose not to get a pre-inspection done, and the buyers home inspector discovers certain problems you werent aware of, it goes without saying that the buyer will try and negotiate a much lower price; this is definitely going to be a loss for you as it can delay your propertys sale; at times, it can be reason enough for cancellation of the contract too.

All in all, its a wise decision to get a home inspection done before you put your house up for sale. For more information, call Double Check Inspections at 1-613-322-3682 or contact us via this online form.

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