Why You Need to Get a Home Inspection


As a potential home buyer, you want to ensure that the house, apartment or condo you are buying is structurally sound and that it requires no major repairs. The one way to be assured of this is to get a home inspection done. This is an extra expense and many people dilly-dally while making this decision. So, exactly how critical is it to get a home inspection?


The fact is that you may be a little cash-strapped when you are closing on a home deal and that becomes one of the major reasons why people avoid getting a home inspection done. But just try to imagine a situation where you move in and find that the HVAC system is unable to satisfactorily cool the entire house, or that segments of the electrical system have old wiring and need upgrading.


When you invest your hard-earned money in any property, you need to be assured that you are making a wise investment decision. With this in mind, we can safely say that home inspections are now becoming an integral aspect of the home buying process.


What Does it Involve?


A professional and certified home inspector reviews the entire structure of the home (new or old) and you will be given a written report this will be your reference guide. Typically, the report will have comments on aspects such as:


  • The condition of the house foundation
  • Electrical installations
  • HVAC system
  • Plumbing
  • Roofing
  • Overall structural factors
  • Swimming pool inspections
  • Termite and pest inspections
  • Other



In addition, the report will outline the costs of replacement or repair (where necessary); there will also be a comment on the propertys overall condition, in comparison to others that have been built around the same time. The few hours you spend with the home inspector should be looked upon as an opportunity to learn all the nitty-grittys of maintaining your property. Make sure to keep the reference book for the duration of time that you live in that home.

Is a Home Inspection for Everyone? – The Facts


  • Regardless of the type of property you are buying (home, apartment or condo), a home inspection becomes an important part of your purchase decision
  • The extra expense at this stage will save you from a lot of angst, frustration and significantly higher expenses at a later stage
  • If you are buying an apartment or condo, that too can be inspected by a home inspector. There are times when the apartment/condo itself may be in prime condition, but the building may have some structural or infrastructure issues which could pose a problem in the future


Negotiating Power


Another fact is that a home inspection report gives you additional negotiating power; in case any significant problems are unearthed, that have to be remedied, but arent easily visible. In short, a home inspection helps you make a more well-informed property purchase decision. Ensure that the home inspection company you approach is vetted and well-established.


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