Home Inspection Ottawa

First Year Inspection

After living in the house for close to a year, you should be familiar with how most of the major systems are functioning. However, it is possible to overlook hidden deficiencies. Carry out the first year inspection before the end of the 12-month period or the builder may void the warranty if you report deficiencies after the scheduled end of contract. If you did not have a pre-delivery inspection, then we strongly suggest a first-year inspection.

Within the first 30 days is a critical time for your new home inspection. Your builder will possibly supply a walk through inspection showing you some of the ins and outs of your new home. Some items your builder will finds will be fixed up and some will not be found. We at DoubleCheck Home Inspections Ottawa have found numerous construction deficiencies visually and also with the use of Infrared themograpy.

It is in your interest to hire an experienced independent DoubleCheck inspector to find out as much as possible about your new home in the first 30 days so the builder can be notified of these problems.

Tip: When buying a property, you should change the locks for all the external doors including the door to the garage from your home and also the car/door key or combination to the garage door opener.