3 Things Your Home Inspector Doesn’t Want You to Know

Its a real-estate statistic that almost 2 in 5 homes have one or another major defect and fixing these can end up costing the buyer thousands of dollars. The one way to protect yourself from anyunexpected repair costs is to hire the services of a professional home inspector.

The one thing we would like to add here is that this isnt a fool-proof strategy either. Its because, not all home inspectors are equally skilled and many of them will keep things from you. Here are 3 things your home inspector doesnt want you to know and you should be checking on:

1) The Kind of Insurance They Carry

Even the most experienced home inspectors can make mistakes; the aspects they miss can end up burning a hole in your pocket and causing you a lot of trouble. Not every state requires that a home inspector carry insurance; unfortunately even the ones who are covered by insurance may not have sufficient coverage to protect homeowners. When you are hiring a home inspector; check if they have “Errors and Omissions” coverage. This reaches beyond basic liability insurance; to a certain extent, you are covered in case they overlook things like a furnace that is about to give up, or a roof that is damaged.

2) The Type of Home Inspections They Handles

Though you might find it more convenient to hire one person to handle your home inspection and the related repairs, its not necessarily something that will work best for you. An unscrupulous home inspector will not ask you to consider hiring a different person for repair tasks, while they tackle the home inspection work. Ideally, these two jobs should be kept separate and you should beware of an inspector who offers his service for other tasks.

3) Whether They are Connected to the Real Estate Agent

Ensure that the inspector you choose is independent from the real estate agent. This way you can be assured that both of these individuals will prioritize your interests, instead of each others. The one way of checking on how thorough an inspector is at their job is to calculate the amount of time it takes them to inspect all the features in your home. Ideally, a home inspection should take 3-4 hours; if it takes less time than that, it will mean they might have not done a thorough job.

These are just a few of the things that home inspectors may keep from you. Its best to hire the services of a credible company that has a good reputation in the market. For additional information, call Double Check Inspections at this number- 1-613-322-3682 or use this online form to contact us.

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